Guided Trips

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Reasons to hire a Guide..... because all you do is show up, no need to load up the gas guzzling tow vehicle, no need to fuel up the boat, a guide knows where the fish are, what tackle to use, hopefully your guide has a good sense of humor and at the end of the day you go home with great memories while your guide is cleaning a boat, refueling the tow vehicle

We start the year fishing Winter Steelhead, these are some of the biggest steelhead we see throughout the year, rain, snow, sleet, or an occasional sunny day is what to expect. These trips are on smaller streams fishing from the comforts of a heated Drift Boat or a Raft complete with a comfortable fishing frame. This fishery last through March.

April we start to see the first of our Spring Chinook, and by mid April we in full on Springer mode. Spring Chinook are arguably the best tasting salmon on the planet reaching weights into the 20's. Our days start early, well before the sun comes up as competition is fierce. Mornings are chilly, still expect rain. This fishery last through May/early June.

June and July is all about Summer Steelhead. These are hard fighting fish that make great table fare, again the days start early but the competition is generally not bad. We start the season in a drift boat then as the water drops we shift into a raft. Mornings are chilly but by afternoon its shorts and T shirts. We fish summer steelhead through august

Fall Kings Start in Mid August, these are Jet Boat trips on the Columbia and Cowlitz River, by mid October we have moved into the smaller tributaries fishing Coho Salmon again from a Drift Boat or Raft depending on what river we are on and current water levels. Fall Salmon generally last until Thanksgiving when we make he switch back to Winter Steelhead.

Prime dates always book early so we suggest you make a date as soon as you have one in mind. For further questions please feel free to message us here and we will get back to you ASAP.

When we take a day off and want to be spoiled...WE HIRE A GUIDE!